UK Shuttleworth - Bond Day 25th Sept 21- Little Nellie and Astons - Open Air YOLT Screening

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As per the title.

And if you have an Aston Martin you can get in for £10. Any other UK Bond folks going? It would be nice to meet up with you.

UPDATE: Now confirmed they are showing YOLT in an open air screening from 8pm.

Yes. Considerably.


  • Golrush007Golrush007 South AfricaPosts: 3,098Quartermasters

    How I wish I could be there for 2006 and 2007 I worked at the Shuttleworth Collection - both at the airshow days, and also in the museum/visitor centre during the week so I have a great fondness for that place. I saw recently that Little Nellie is now a resident at Old Warden, a pity that wasn't the case during my two year stint in the UK as I would have loved to see the old girl.

    By the way - I'm outraged that they misspelled Fleming in their release... 😫 If I was still there I'd see to it that it got fixed.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,011MI6 Agent

    I noticed that misspelling too Goldrush. I sent them an email.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • Golrush007Golrush007 South AfricaPosts: 3,098Quartermasters

    Good job - It looks like they've fixed the spelling. 😃

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,011MI6 Agent

    Yep. They were kind of enough to reply with thanks too.👍️

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 247MI6 Agent

    Apparently there are now over 250 Aston Martins registered for the day, Little Nellie and about 50 other gyro's flying in, so it should be quite a show.

    They are also planning to show YOLT as an open air screening from 8pm. Unfortunately, I already have another commitment in the evening :-(

    Yes. Considerably.
  • CoolHandBondCoolHandBond Mactan IslandPosts: 4,041MI6 Agent

    If anyone hasn’t seen YOLT on the big screen I recommend doing so, you will be amazed at the glorious spectacle that raises this entry into the top bracket of Bond movies.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
  • ppw3o6rppw3o6r Great BritainPosts: 2,120MI6 Agent

    Ere's a thing. When I first heard about this Bond Day I thought fantastic but it has been made clear there will not be an air display so basically between 10am and 5pm you can turn up in your Aston, park in the car park and pay a fee for the honour! (car show) If you own an autogyro? you can fly in and park up and pay a fee for the honour then come 5pm (after vising the Bondless collection itself) you can either p*ss off and sit in a queue to get out or hang around until 8pm to watch YOLT on an open air big screen in the dark on a freezing cold September eve and pay a fee for the honour.

    How in buggery's name is this event a BOND DAY?

    On a personal note, I have made it my mission in life to ensure Sean Connery's flying helmet is exhibited wherever Little Nellie is exhibited. Because neither G-ARZB or G-AVGB are being exhibited at Bond in Motion in the US it meant the helmet would be available for this event. Over a 5 day period I emailed the Events Team at Shuttleworth twice but did not receive a reply. With just days to go I phoned Events in case they had not received my emails? The head of events couldn't be less interested or condescending if he tried. With just one day to go before the Astons and autogyros pretty much meet in a carpark I have still not received a reply ..... and I had planned to bequeath the helmet to said establishment and The Wallis Trust!

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,011MI6 Agent

    Very poor response from them. The mind baffles sometimes.

    If I was going to this event I would love to see that helmet. It is extremely relevant!

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    Ah yes, museums and galleries. Every interaction I and friends of mine have had when it comes to loaning things, donating things, and selling things has ended in complete and utter frustration.

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