Tarantino's CR as sequel to OHMSS Idea

It's well known that back in 2003/2005, Tarantino wanted to make Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan set after the events of OHMSS but Eon said no. Iirc almost every bond fan said it was an awful idea but I actually liked the idea, I think if the movie had been made it would be considered a masterpiece and Brosnans bond would be more memorable instead of becoming known as a 90s version of Moores bond


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    I think we can agree that Tarantino's CR would've been very interesting and noteworthy. He never makes anything average, everything is distinctive. In an ideal world we'd her both the Tarantino CR and Campbell's CR, but ultimately I'm glad we have the CR er got.

    I haven't heard that Tarantino wanted CR to follow OHMSS before. Om a personal level for Bond it's the same story - he falls in love for real, but she dies at the end. It's certainly not Fleming's cronology. It doesn't make sense. Why would Tarantino want to do that?

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    (as a wise man once said...) this thread may be of interest: Quentin Tarantino tells us what Casino Royale could have been

    we can never have enough versions of Casino Royale, but the one I really want to see is with Sean Connery one year before he made Dr No.

    I seem to remember the after OHMSS thing, and yeh that makes no sense. Also in the interview where Tarantino discussed it, he seemd to have the ending confused with Mickey Spillane's I the Jury. not really helping his case when he doesn't actually remember how the book ended!

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    Tarantino's idea was that Vespa would be comforting Bond in the months after the events of OHMSS and the film would end with Bond finding out that she was working for the enemy, he would then kill her himself and phone M to say the bitch is dead.

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    That does sound similar to the Spillane story. It's "Vesper" btw, John, not "Vespa".

    (And 😀😀😀 caractacus!)

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    I thought Tarantino wanted to follow the novel as closely as possible, but that plot is further from the book than the film we got. Much further, I think.

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    The worst outcome would have been if Brosnan did a 5th film that was just another generic Neal Purvis and Robert Wade twine esq movie

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    got maybe a source we can look at @John from Cork ? So we can see exactly what Tarantino said and when maybe?

    in the thread linked to above is this link to a panel appearance Tarantino did in 1999. At 13 minutes they discuss the new Bond flick which is Tomorrow Never Dies, before Tarantino explains his idea for a Bondfilm, then they go on to discuss Jackie Brown. That's earlier than when you're saying, but I'm sure I've seen that slightly later date too, as well as the Vespa typo, so he may have been talking about it for a few years.

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    It could be far worse. Brosnan's 5th could have been a lot like DAD 😱

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    Whenever I want to watch Brosnan's fifth, I just put November Man on👌

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    The other thing with Tarantino is all his movies take place in a World he's created. All his movies can be connected somehow. Whether it's a brand he's created i.e Red Apple Cigarettes or Big Kahuna Burger. He even has character connections. If you're interested, read about some of the connections here:

    I wonder how Bond would've worked in Taratinos "movie world"?

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    At the time, CR was sort of out there as one of the titles EON didn't have, so QT thought he might buy it up and do a Bond himself, as it was the only chance he might get.

    Brosnan allowed himself to be approached, a bit rash seeing as that was bound to piss off the actual producers. I think this may have been after EON did get hold of the rights. Obv Brozzer not being too young at that point to do it as an origin story.

    QT griped that EON should be knocking down his door asking him to do a film and claimed he wouldn't mess with the franchise too much. He claimed someone said that he might make too good a film, making it hard to follow. But really, they don't go for A-list directors who impose their stamp on the movie and importantly demand a percentage of the gross when the films are generally a sure thing at the box office anyway.

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