The CR torture scene...

How exactly would Bond have thought the world would know what LeChiffre did to him?

("Now the whole world's going to know that you died scratching my balls!")

I never quite understood this comment.


  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 9,201MI6 Agent

    Me neither.

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    He was going to tell the world, after he killed him.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 2,413MI6 Agent

    I just assume that's Bonds idea of a joke, CraigBond's sense of humour is a bit cruder than the other fellows's.

    But how does he know le Chiffre is going to die? Because le Chiffre still wont have the money he owes his clients?

    I may have to watch these four films again if Bond25 really is coming out in a couple weeks, I've forgotten some of these details.

  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 3,358MI6 Agent

    I always took it as Bond goading Le Chiffre into killing him. Beyond that, the statement is an act of defiance, letting Le Chiffre know that he's not going to talk. Notice how quickly after that statement Le Chiffre stops with the torture.

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    He goads Le Chiffre by telling him he’s got an itch down there. Le Chiffre gets mad and whips his nuts. Bond replies by telling him he basically got rid of the itch by scratching his balls. It’s just bravado and doesn’t allude to anything more than Bonds willingness to go to his grave in defiance.

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    Being ex forces you have to understand that our humor in duty and situations ( also under contact ) is very Dark black humor and not politicaly correct i have never met a civilian that could understand or return the humor in my life after the forces even to today most of us end up on ex forces groups to carry on with the pisstaking and humor

    i see and understand where bond is going with this and Daniel did it great ( but in real life it would be a lot darker )

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    Yes indeed, although it's a good point: as far as Bond knows he's actually saved Le Chiffre's life by killing Obanno: there may well not be any more debtors coming for him - and there actually aren't. Bond doesn't know that Quantum/Mr White exist at this point, so although it's not impossible that Le Chiffre owes other people money, Bond actually has more reason to suppose that he's off the hook. But of course Le Chiffre's actions and demeanour in that moment suggest that he knows he's in trouble, which is likely what Bond is picking up on.

    There are a few things which don't bare hugely close examination in CR. Such as: if Vesper is actually being blackmailed by Gettler/Le Chiffre et al then why doesn't she give Bond the money to buy back into the game? He's been losing after all, so what better way to get some money to Le Chiffre?

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    Not really, the rest of the exchange shows that Bond really does think Le Chiffre will die, it's not just bravado:

    BOND: Because no matter what you do, I'm not gonna give you the password.
    Which means your clients will hunt you down and cut you into pieces of meat while you're still breathing.
    Because if you kill me...there'll be nowhere else to hide.
    LE CHIFFRE: But you are so wrong! Because even after I slaughtered you and your little girlfriend your people would still welcome me with open arms...
    because they need what I know.

    Such a lovely scene: Bond has truly lost at that point.

  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 9,201MI6 Agent

    I don't get any of this. If Le Chiffre kills Bond, who will know anyone died scratching anyone's balls? Bond won't be around to tell anyone. If Bond turns the table and kills Le Chiffre, well, I suppose Bond might go around telling people about it, not sure it's a great opening gambit, if someone else kills Le Chiffre (as occurs) they won't know about the ball scratching incident.

    Afraid this is another line like 'my little finger' that makes a person go 'Ugh?' It's not quite there imo.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

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  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,223MI6 Agent

    Well I think you might be taking it a bit literally: Bond is just telling Le Chiffre that he's going to die.

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    I can't see that it makes much literal sense when Bond says to Le Chiffre, "Now the whole world's going to know that..." I think the best explanation is that Bond is desperately reaching around for anything to say that might unnerve Le Chiffre. By "the whole world" he could be referring to how the world's intelligence and criminal communities would somehow find out and leak how LeChiffre had tortured Bond to death and how, subsequently, LeChiffre had been killed by cheated clients catching up with him. Also, I'm tempted to suggest that the line might have been written as a self-reflexive moment of comic relief in which Bond takes the film out of its own fiction to acknowledge that a global film audience is indeed watching and fully expecting him (Bond), as an alpha hero, to get out of this and for Le Chiffre, as a beta villain, to be ignominiously killed (thus "all the world's going to know"); but that level of self-reflexivity - which might, at a push, have belonged in some of the lighter, more comedic Bond movies of decades earlier - would be out of keeping in this more 'realist' film.

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