Royale Morocco Linen Blazer



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    If you've purchased this jacket (or are thinking of purchasing) I'd recommend reading Dan's post regarding the colour here:-

    Great customer service from Dan.

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    I was wondering if anyone who has purchased the jacket and read Dan’s advise on altering the colour has chosen to give it a try, I’d be interested to see and hear some feedback.


    You’ll recall that I was somewhat impatient and ‘jumped the gun’ and my first attempt to amend the colour resulted in a rusty\brown looking jacket.

    If anyone is curious I did have another attempt with my jacket.  In no way am I an expert in textile colouring (It’s just a hobby to me) but the best chance I had of getting close to the colour I wanted would be to start with as light a colour as possible (especially after the colour I now had after my initial attempt). 

    I’ve not removed colour from a garment before so I did some reading and noted that if it worked then it should take the fabric back (or pretty close) to its original state. The stitching also looked to be cotton so I was confident enough to give colour removal a try. 

    You can see on the image below that after the fabric colour removal (I used Rit color remover) my jacket went to a sand linen colour.  I then chose a different dye and opted for a taupe colour.     

    I’m a lot happier with how this attempt has turned out. It’s a plainer colouring with a slight shift from brown to grey (It doesn’t have the subtle colouring of the jacket as when it was purchased from Royale).   I could try and go a shade darker to try and get a closer look to what was shown in the film but I think I'll leave this alone now.


    The fit, detail and styling is great, the only other point I’d make is that on the shorter size like mine I’d ideally have it be nearly an inch longer in the back length.  

     I’m looking forward to wearing this out. 

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    Are there any video reviews of this yet? Looking forward to canoe2's, and hopefully The Bond Experience will do one, as he's got an actual one to compare it to.

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
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