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Hey guys!

I've had some feedback on the colour of our SPECTRE Morocco blazer and while colour is always one of the trickiest things, I felt it was worth offering some thoughts and a solution. After some confirmation, we are in fact on the warmer side of the colour. I did some experimenting with a sacrificial blazer and thought I'd share what I then did to my own blazer (came out great). I'm not necessarily recommending this, but as long as you follow this process it is pretty straight forward. As mentioned below, the sizing will lose about half a size with a cold wash... I found that out during this process and have updated the sizing table on the store. So really, make sure you can afford to lose half a size from your blazer before attempting this. / (To join the notification list and be advised of new releases)


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    Dear Daniel,


    thank you for your email and your post! 

    The blazer is perfect the way I received it! The cut, the size, the little details and also the color! 

    When you watch SPECTRE in 4K/UHD - you can see the supposedly light pink hue.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for your message. As feedback, I would like to say that the way you made the blazer is too class and I am very grateful for it! I wear the blazer with proud and full joy!

    Best regards


  • SilverFingerSilverFinger Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 266MI6 Agent

    Thanks so much Jan,

    That really means a lot and I'm thrilled you like it! Thank you also for the lovely email my friend, I'm sure the blazer will serve you well for many years.

    Daniel. / (To join the notification list and be advised of new releases)
  • NikoNiko Posts: 63MI6 Agent

    Great after-sales service again Dan.

  • JBWJBW CONUSPosts: 40MI6 Agent

    I'm not even worried about the color. I received it in, and I've never had a blazer that fit me more perfectly!

    A personal criticism is the short length of the jacket, but I concede that it does nevertheless make it more SA.

    Astonishing work yet again, Dan!

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