Bond Collection Sell-Off

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It’s with a heavy heart but it’s time to sell-off my entire Bond Collection, more items to be added over the next fortnight. 

Unfortunately, there’s been some circumstances around NTTD haven’t been great for me and the Bond bubble has been burst. 

Gauging interest here from fellow members, anything that doesn’t gain interest will end up on eBay. 

Photos available on request and will be added here over the weekend.

Thanks for looking 


Tom Ford QoS Cardigan - Navy Size 46 £900

Nike Bamboo AirMax - U.K. Size 9 - £150

NTTD - Yellow Flip Flops screen Accurate - £60

NTTD - Grey POW TF Suit - Size 48R

When this suit was sold to me from the New York boutique, I was lead to believe it one was of only 15 made in this size and following the screen suit exactly, something to do with the lapel widths.

Ready to be tailored, cuffs unfinished, trousers unhemmed and unaltered in anyway.

COVID hit just after I received it so never got round to having it tailored

Looking to recoup my outlay, nothing else. $3990

Please email me at for a quick response. 





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