(SPOILERS) So, Will They Start Over or . . .



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    Ranking of Ian Fleming Novels/Books

    1. Moonraker 2. Casino Royale 3. From Russia With Love 4. Thunderball 5. You Only Live Twice 6. Dr. No 7. Diamonds Are Forever 8. Goldfinger 9. Live And Let Die 10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 11. The Spy Who Loved Me 12. The Man With The Golden Gun

    Ranking the Short Stories:

    1. The Living Daylights 2. From A View To A Kill 3. For Your Eyes Only 4. The Hildebrand Rarity 5. Risico 6. Quantum Of Solace 7. Octopussy

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    I instantly thought of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" (4) Simon & Garfunkel - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (from The Concert in Central Park) - YouTube

    The problem is all inside your head, Babs said to me

    The answer is easy if you take it logically

    You just think too much of what you had to see

    There must be 007 Ways To Reboot Bond

    You can say he’s not dead, Fred

    No he didn’t die, Si

    Cos he’s still alive, Clive

    You just listen to me

    You’ll see him again, Ben

    In just a few years, Pierce

    You’ll buy the DVD, Lee

    So get yourself free

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    it would be pointless to start over, it must be up to date with world issues

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    I agree. And at movies end, they don't need 100% resolution. The villains plot in every movie will have consequences. Those consequences will be felt in future films. Yes, the villain and henchman could die, but some of their plan is successful and will be seen in the next film and possibly future films.

    Some people would complain even if you hang them with a new rope
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