Ideas for Bond 26 - back to Fleming, and gangsters!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bond 26 needs a new approach, but by going back to the Ian Fleming novels, and the theme is gangsters, gangsters, gangsters! Here are some ideas that could be incorporated, taken from previously unused scenes from the books -


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    good ideas for merging together fragments of unused Fleming, generally following the gangster theme, and itd certainly be a contrast with the recent films.

    But mostly I want to thank you for posting that hi-rez Fay Dalton illustration!!! I got a subfolder in my 007 directory just for those illustrations whenever I come across them. Folio Society usually posts two or three in their official promotion for each book, and others will turn up in various review sites. I think there should be seven or eight for each book.

    didn't Vivienne turn on the sign deliberately to attract help, after Sluggsy and Horror turned it off? that sign is its own plot thread in the first half of the novel, it goes off and on a few times before Bond sees it.

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