J Crew Kenton Suede Boot Sahara - new laces

Hi all,

The laces on my Kenton suede boots have finally worn through and I'm in need of a replacement pair.

Wondered if anyone else had had the same issue and managed to find a suitable alternative in a similar colour to the original pair?

I'm not sure it makes much of a difference but mine are the pacer boot.

Image from a previous post in ajb007:


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  • Enjoying DeathEnjoying Death Toronto, ON CANADAPosts: 1,151MI6 Agent

    Try J Crew?

    I know they don't sell the boot any longer, but they did and they may have some similar laces? Not sure if they even just sell laces but it's worth a try.

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  • QuantumofSolangeQuantumofSolange UKPosts: 93MI6 Agent

    I did email them a while back and they didn't have any spares 🙄

    Yes but my martini's still dry.
  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 297MI6 Agent

    I don't have the Kentons but I have used these folks before. Lots of options.


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  • OrnithologistOrnithologist BerlinPosts: 525MI6 Agent

    I have the Aldo Meggiano alternative and they originally came with black laces. Got replacements from ebay which are no longer available. But you can just measure the length and width and you should find a good selection of beige/tan/light brown laces online if you search for these specifications. Ebay and Amazon. Did the same for the navy drawstring for the NTTD swim shorts :)

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  • QuantumofSolangeQuantumofSolange UKPosts: 93MI6 Agent

    Thanks all!

    Yes but my martini's still dry.
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