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Recently received my pre-order of the limited edition remake of the JAMES BOND 007 SECRET AGENT ATTACHÉ CASE and boy was this thing a letdown. Item arrived in an unsealed shipping box with no paperwork details. Anyone could have gone into the box at some point during the shipping process. To make matters worse the attache case exterior arrived damaged and all scuffed up, the gold coins had little divots gouged out, the FRWL artwork card was ripped/damaged, and the hinges were attached unevenly on the case. Overall, for $600 this thing seems like an utter piece of crap. I reached out to 007 support upset and looking for a replacement, but now they are telling me there are no more to replace it with. Seems odd that it's still available on the site.

Did anyone else purchase one of these and did they receive an item in a similar disgraceful condition as me? 007.com support won't even extend any sort of gesture to save face. Only a returns shipping label. I am honestly shocked with the customer service.


  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 44MI6 Agent

    Yes. Very disappointing for the cost. Unsealed cardboard box. No literature to back up what it is. Given that it was researched and reissued you’d have thought they’d make something of it.

    Equally disappointed with the advent calendar. Shipped unsealed with an empty drawer.

    Expensive rather than premium items: without the service and presentation to back it up.

  • texas007texas007 Houston, Texas 77041Posts: 2,281MI6 Agent
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    007.com has poor customer service - a while ago I ordered the SPECTRE ring which arrived damage - they want me to send it back at my own cost for replacement - I just let it go - they are really a disappointment.

  • Bond Collectors' WeekendsBond Collectors' Weekends Gainesville, Florida USAPosts: 1,717MI6 Agent

    Feel like the Advent calendar is the best bargain they've had in a long time--friends thought so too, since they bought up to 20 of them or more!!!

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  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 44MI6 Agent

    I've not costed the items, the contents are a bit hit and miss, at the end of the day the dice are dice, the casino chips whether screen used or not are casino chips. The socks and pocket square are decent but I am not sure justified the cost.

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 575MI6 Agent

    I had an empty drawer too...they have sent a replacement item though. I still haven't forgiven them for the fact the 12 days of Christmas has nothing to do with Advent. Either have 24 drawers or don't call it an advent calendar!

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 44MI6 Agent

    Yes they replaced my item too but it was the can't be arsed attitude that bothered me especially given the cost. Agree 12 days of Christmas calendar not an advent calender

  • DblOJoeDblOJoe Posts: 35MI6 Agent

    Yikes. Sounds like I am not the only one and I can also agree that the customer service team is absolute trash. Their response SLA's say 1-3 business days and I didn't get a response after 5 additional follow ups until 16-days later. I had to open up a case with my credit card to get the initial response. We are still going back and forth over the whole situation because I am extremely frustrated with their service.

    As far as the advent calendar, my wife bought me that this year and I was really really excited. I also agree the items are completely hit and miss. It was overpriced for the items they put in there. $400+ for one drawer to hold a couple of popcorn kernels? Also, for the price I was hoping that the box it came in itself was of higher quality. I really want to reuse the advent calendar for future Christmas', but the cardboard is going to break down over time. Specially the doors being opened/closed and creasing. Would have loved to see this in wood to be honest to be held onto as a long term collectible. I still saved it and put it away in the shipping box to hold on to, but I am sure the time will come where I'll need to chuck it in the trash.

  • Smithers500Smithers500 Spectre IslandPosts: 1,149MI6 Agent

    Yes, I’ve found their customer support poor, to put it mildly. As is their shipping packaging, seems to be scant regard for whether the purchase makes it to the customer in one piece.

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  • TeppoTeppo TISPosts: 2,505MI6 Agent

    Sorry to hear this. I've been hearing various complaints regarding the products and the customer service from the 007store. There were a mixed bag of for instance screenused CR and SF casino chips, which had wrong certificates from the EON archive. When you purchase a £500 item, it should be handled, packed and shipped in the way properly by the 007store, Not only because of the value of a very collectible limited item, but cause also pennies worth items should be treated in a way, that when they arrive the recipient is happy and full of joy!

    Knowing who to trust is Everything in this business.

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