Dr. No Le Cercle Casino Plaques from Factory Entertainment



  • DrNoPlaquesDrNoPlaques SwabyPosts: 224MI6 Agent

    Yes, it's a shame though as they didn't need to.

    There is (was) a market for both the originals and the replicas so I am disappointed about a few of Barry's comments but as MI6 haven't replied, I doubt I'll be able to say my "piece" which is a little annoying.

    Hope all the originals are still "well" and that everybody is enjoying the pleasure of owning some regardless of the bad press that FE gave them.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,547MI6 Agent

    I have a couple of FE Bond replicas (although not the plaques) which I enjoy, and I also own a couple of Garin's original Dr. No plaques. Quite frankly, there is no comparison between owning one and owning the others. The FE replicas I have are very nice to look at and to handle and I enjoy owning them. But there's a tangible excitement with the original Dr. No plaques that doesn't exist with the replicas. No, they're not in perfect condition, but then what is at 60+ years of age? However, they are in very good condition and I wasn't even able to splurge on the most expensive (and therefore best preserved) ones. They are exciting because they are undeniably actually from Le Cercle at that time, and there's a decent chance they were used in Dr. No (and A Hard Day's Night) and could even have been handled by Connery himself. Aside from that emotional excitement, there's also the satisfaction of knowing that if I look after them, they will appreciate it value.

    FE definitely serve a purpose for collectors and enthusiasts, but you can rarely compare a replica with an original. It's a shame that they've said the things they've said because it's so completely unnecessary and quite frankly, ridiculous, as we know the truth. However, I am thrilled with my original Dr. No plaques.

  • DrNoPlaquesDrNoPlaques SwabyPosts: 224MI6 Agent

    Thanks Domino, glad you are still pleased with them.

    Even if not the ones seen in the film (if only there was a detailed list), Ian Fleming, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and many of the "Broccoli gang" were members of the club along with many other well known people so any number of them may well have handled the plaques at some stage in their life.

    Look after yourself and hope all is good.

  • DrNoPlaquesDrNoPlaques SwabyPosts: 224MI6 Agent

    I'm still trying to find out from GPI if they used cellulose acetate or urea formaldehyde (or something else) but they don't seem to want to reply. If they ever do I will post their answer on here so that we know definitively what they are made from.

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