I've found the location of Madeleine's cabin.

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After freeze-framing Bond's phone and consulting a couple of maps I have a fix on Madeleine's cabin.It may not matter to many exept me, but unfortunately I have the ability to post and make threads here. It's by Gådalsvatnet (Gådal lake) in Eide municipality in my favourte county Møre and Romsdal. It's roughly 470 km from where the actual scene was shot, but that's movie magic. There's actually a small road going there and I belive this is a photo of the lake:

Here is an image from a map to compare to the map in the movie. I'm having problems linking to the right section of an electronic map, but type "Gådalsvatnet" in the search field of a good map and zoom out until you match Bond's map and you should be able to match the two.

Here's an old fashioned map of the area.


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    In related news the entrance to Ørlandet air force base where Bond and Nomi catches a plane is actually marked with signs in Norwegian and the guards actually look like military police in Norwegian uniforms, but I don't know where it's shot. The movie matches pretty well with the real base, including the light.

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    That's real detective work in finding the cabin's location. Number 22 Frozen Lake Lane, isn't it? 😁

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    The actual filming was shot at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

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    Thanks, Barble. And thanks Sir Miles for your detective work. It looks like they managed to match Brize Norton with Ørlandet pretty well.

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