How do you "cast" the characters in the Bond novels?

I'm continuing with my first ever readthroughs of the Fleming novels and i'm currently starting Moonraker.

I've always been curious about how other fans interpret the look of the character and the world given that the cinematic universe would, no doubt, be firmly printed in their minds.

For me, i've cast the Fleming novels along these lines:

Bond - Brosnan. He's my favourite Bond, but Brosnan's delivery of the dialogue in these books suits him. Admittedly, I do seem to hear Dalton's voice a fair bit too as I read through the books.

M - Ralph Fiennes. Judi is my favourite M, but I can't see anyone but Ralph (Bernard Lee was before my time) given that the books describe M as a pipe smoking male.

Moneypenny - Naomi Harris. Just today, after reading Chapter 2, I had Naomi's Moneypenny locked in my mind as I read Fleming's description of her. The dress sense (the striped blue shirt and navy blue skirt) resembled how the Craig era has dressed Naomi's character.

Drax - hmmm....not sure yet. Haven't gotten to him. But, I like the idea of Rowan Atkinson playing him in my read of the book.

How about everyone else? No, it doesn't need to be specific to Moonraker. Just in general.


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