Spoilers- I fear the codename thing could become canon in 26

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In my experience, An awful lot of casual Bond viewers are asking the question how could there be an new Bond when Bond died in NTTD?, So I fear that the next Bond film could be set in the same continuity with the same Mi6 cast and a story about an new agent been given the name James Bond.


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    I don't think the code name theory happen. I think EON has some red lines and the real name of that agent will always be James Bond. I also can't see how they can make it the same continuity. EON knows how to start a new continuity from CR and I bet they know that's what they need to do now.

    I think there's a chance they keep on a couple of the MI6 regulars actors like they did with Judy Dench after DAD. They've all done a great job, but I don't think people who's been at james Bond's wake should be working with Bond in a new continuity. It could encourage the code name theory crowd.

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    After killing James Bond, nothing would surprise me anymore. Whatever direction they go in and deliver, it will be their personal choice and we'll be expected to swallow it as canon.

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    there are still folks on this forum who havent seen the new film, believe it or not. Perhaps Spoilers in the title?

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    Done. 👍

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    Bond becoming a father and dying can be defended using Fleming. The code name can't.

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    How can they defend DouDou, however? 😁

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    There's a lot about DouDou that can't be defended at all .... 🤣

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    More importantly, how can they defend Dalton?

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  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 4,133MI6 Agent
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    I really do not think the code name thing will happen. I desperately want to see Bond 26's PTS being chapter one from TMWTGG novel.

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    I want to see chapter one from TMWTGG to be used in a Bond movie, but I absolutely don't want it to be the PTS of Bond26. If that happenes it will cheapen or even destroy NTTD. Some belive NTTD is already cheapened or even destroyed and it is obviously their right to have that opinion. But let NTTD be what it was intended to be, and don't try to "fix it" after the fact. I wonder if Craig has some kind of contract that says EON can't make plots where Bond survives NTTD?

    What do want to see is a Bond movie (not Bond26) where we see Bond and at least one more 00-agent on a mission in the PTS. One of the agents end up missing and possibly dead. Bond finds him later in the movie and rescues the 00-agent. Then we get a version of the TMWTGG chapter. The rescued 00-agent is called to M's office and .....

    The rest of the movie is about Bond hunting down the people responsible and stops their bigger plan.

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    My father and brother are the type that cannot understand how DC’s arc is a different arc. My brother is a DC and Marvel fan too you’d think he’d be used to it. My father doesn’t understand movies and tv shows with different timelines, like Looper or Inception. He understands Back To The Future type of stuff.

    My father didn’t know or understand that Superman has died in movies and comics. Batman the same. He still doesn’t know that Han died in TFA.

    I said all that to say that whatever happens in Bond26 I won’t be shocked but people like them will be.

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    Making the dreaded Code Name Theory canon in 26 would be one of the very few things they could do that would sincerely p!ss me off. I'm all for picking up with a brand-new actor in the role and doing the status quo, as if DAD had been the last entry. That seems most logical to me...and I want the TSWLM novel made into an admittedly long PTS to introduce the New Guy.

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    The whole idea of canonicity is or ought to be anathema in Bond, imho. It's a concept meaning more in other fandoms. Continuity in the series was always best when loose, a relatively peripheral consideration. The so-called code name theory would be unnecessary and misapplied.

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    I agree. If they go for continuity back to DAD it has to be loose.

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    Is it that they can't understand, or simply prefer not to?

    Just my perspective, but "people like them" don't necessarily fancy reimagining an established hero's arc simply because writers ran out of story ideas and/or they or other stakeholders felt the need to apply their indelible signature to an institution.

    If Eon was looking to reboot their fan base along with the franchise, they're certainly on their way.

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    Is it because they can't understand, or don't want to understand?

    "People like them" might not care to reimagine the arc of well-established heroes when writers run out of story ideas and/or they or other stakeholders feel the need to put their indelible signature on an entertainment institution. If Eon is trying to reboot the fan base along with the franchise, they're well on their way IMO.

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