Bond clothing showing up in a non-Bond context

proteinproproteinpro Posts: 31MI6 Agent

So there I was reading about the state of the tech industry that I work in - when I came across this picture of Mr. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet/Google.

I immediately found myself unable to concentrate on the article I was reading. Was Mr. Pichai a Bond fan? And it dawned on me, that we are truly fanatics with this strange but fun passion. To be able to pick out such minutiae and figure out what someone is wearing just from a zipper or a few key details takes some serious observational ability. Detective skill is truly honed sharp in this hobby. I suppose it could be coincidence that Sundar has this jacket, but I (won't) give him the benefit of the doubt.

Here's another familiar face:

I've noticed that I've paid a lot more attention to what others wear, both on screen and in life, to see if I can guess a brand. I make mental notes, of course, and wouldn't dare to tread further than my introversion would allow. But in a way, perhaps it's a form of respect to appreciate what others are wearing - and should they have something you recognize, they become a part of a secret club, a subtle understanding that they are "in the know." And we are all the more closer for it.

What Bond items have you seen in a completely non-Bond context? Anyone else out there who you think is a closeted Bond fan?


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