How many Bond films would you predict Bond #7 will make?

Bond fan from OzBond fan from Oz Posts: 81MI6 Agent

At the rate EON is going, I will say 3, with an option for a 4th.

Your thoughts?


  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 4,161MI6 Agent

    We'll get a trilogy. I still would not be surprised to see Christopher Nolan get the keys to Bond and do a trilogy with (grimace) Tom Mumblemouth Hardy.

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  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,636MI6 Agent

    I think it will be the usual contract. Three with the option of a fourth.

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  • superdaddysuperdaddy englandPosts: 896MI6 Agent

    Certainly hope not…imho Hardy is so overrated.

  • HardyboyHardyboy Posts: 5,842Chief of Staff

    Given the length of time between films anymore, the actor will probably make three movies in 25 years.

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  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 19,992MI6 Agent

    It depends on several factors, especially two.

    • Will EON pick up the pace? Maybe Amazon will lean on them?
    • How young is Bond7?

    If they cast someone really young like the 24 year old Jacob Elordi, he's eager to make many Bond movies and EON gets less sedate we can even see RM's record get beaten. On the other hand if we get a Bond7 in his 40's who gets injured a lot and deep down wants to make Oscar-worthy movies we can end up with three movies, especially if EON isn't in a hurry.

  • VincVinc Posts: 3MI6 Agent

    Must be 3

    1 Lazenby

    2 Dalton

    3 Bond #7

    4 Brosnan

    5 Craig

    6 Connery

    7 Moore

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 19,992MI6 Agent

    That's real science!

  • VincVinc Posts: 3MI6 Agent

    I hope that for the 7 years between Bond #28 and #29 I'll be right :)

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 19,992MI6 Agent

    Let's hope that prediction is less scientific.

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  • LuciusNightmareLuciusNightmare Posts: 142MI6 Agent

    If he's good, then I hope he does many film. I also think that if BOND 26 is a hit, then the new 007 should film BOND 27 and 28 back to back. Much like how Mission Impossible is at the moment and Infinity War/Endgame did. I would love a two-part story told over two films. They tried with Craig and Mendes, but they were too 'big' at that point. If you get a younger Bond (who is more physically capable) and hire a director like Fukunaga, then I could see it happen.

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