Dr. No Props

thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,757MI6 Agent

Hi everyone, thought you would enjoy seeing two new additions to the Dr. No collection.

First up is a replica set of the playing cards used by Bond to play solitaire while waiting for Professor Dent.

One of the most sought after Bond props is the Diving Knife used by Honey Ryder.

The custom hand made replica has a solid Teak wood handle which is regarded as the best wood valued for its elegance and durability due to its unique properties to ward off dry rot. Mostly used in shipbuilding and the best furniture.

Solid brass is used for the handguard and ring retention stud. The top is constructed of black Micarta which is also known for its strength and durability.

The knife's doubled-edged stainless steel blade completes the look that makes this replica 'jump out' of the screen and into your collection.

Additionally, a custom made full leather sheath with brass retention rivets comes with the knife for added safety.


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