Brosnan movies that could/couldn't have worked with Dalton as Bond

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Goldeneye is 95% Dalton and he'd easily have done a better job then PB with some tweaks. Tomorrow never dies wouldn't have suited Dalton imo, it's too much of a silly 90s action flick that hasn't stood the test of time very well. The world is not enough would have worked for Dalton with a good few changes, better writing & writers required, definitely lose Christmas Jones but the basic story would have been perfect for a Dalton Film. Day another Die, you may as well suggest Dalton for CR 1967😁😁😁😁😁


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     Tomorrow never dies might have worked better with Dalton

    the story of Paris Carver should have been a tragedy that carried through to the end of the film, like License to Kill. but thanks to poor writing, poor acting, and that plot thread disappearing the minute after the character's death, you'd never know. if done properly it'd be a perfect Dalton story

    all four of those films would have needed better writing, to prop up his angsty overacting (which I like and would have preferred), instead of giving way to overextended action scenes like we got

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    Actually if the Paris carver/Terri hatcher character was replaced with the return of Kara Milovy in that role, then maybe you'd have a good template for a Dalton TND.

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    TWINE is the one that I think lends itself to Dalton the most. The subject matter feels in line with Dalton's INTENSE OH GOD SO INTENSE demeanor.

    DAD would have made for a good Moore film in his prime.

    Both GE and TND seem to work well for Brosnan. That said, I think Craig could have done both of them pretty well (although you'd want to dial back the humor somewhat as he has a different vibe from Brosnan).

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    I know we encourage "what if" kind of questions on this forum, but may I offer the opinion that the Brosnan films work just fine with Brosnan. [And I have nothing whatsoever against Dalton] 😄

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    Oh agreed 100%. The humor quotient in all of the films is tailored to the Brosnan personality perfectly. Also, the action (constant bullet storms) is in line with Brosnan and the desire to minimize hand-to-hand fighting.

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    I can't imagine Dalton doing very well in any of them to be honest. Brosnan had the charisma to fill the films.

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    The thing is, I could easily had seen Dalton in all of those. The problem with the Brosnan entries was less the Bond character and more to do with the plotting of those flicks. DAD goes off the rails incredibly once they get in Iceland, and TND never recovers after Paris Carver and the Dr. Kaufman scene.

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    Agreed, to his credit he's a great actor, he's performance as how he said it was inspired by the books (which I'm partial into).

    But the Bond in the films and the Bond in the books are different, we'd expect any Bond Actors to play it more like the films, the blueprint laid by Connery (and to the lesser extent, Moore).

    So sorry to say but I couldn't imagine Dalton too, he lacks the charisma, fell flat on some of the one liners, looks awkward in some sex scenes or those scenes that needs to exude sexiness.

    He didn't have the balance of humor, charm, sexiness and suaveness.

    Even in Goldeneye, which many people thought of the Bond film that's written with Dalton in mind I couldn't still imagine him being there, especially those scenes with Xenia, Bond driving a tank, some of the outlandishness scenes in that film.

    He's just pure gritty and serious, I don't know what he's supposed to play, Bond in the books wasn't super or dead serious, dour and gritty as Dalton's Bond was.

    I mean the Bond in the books was a flawed man, he's bored, but he's still making jokes and being a jerk sometimes, he's also a bit of sarcastic, he's also a bit soft.

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    Yes, imagine him in the tank scene in GE: he'd just disappear.

    Brosnan might be a bit cheesy with the tie straightening stuff, but it works.

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