Bond Anniversary clothing releases

Hey all,

For a while there was a ton of talk about a few Bond clothing brands getting into the mix with potential capsules, releases, etc., maybe around the anniversary or having to do with the anniversary. Things seemed to have slowed down significantly as I haven’t really heard much at all about this anymore. Does anyone have any info on this stuff or are we thinking it was a tad more wishful thinking us Bond fanatics were trying to will into existence?

I know October is the date that seems to be thrown around but with OB being one of the main brands that had kinda been hinted towards, seemed like an odd time of the year for that type of clothing to release. Also highly possible I just completely missed something in that this just isn’t happening?


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    I'd love to see some re-releases of Bond oriented clothing from Brunello Cucinelli or Tom Ford. Take my money, please!

    I bought some of the OB stuff and I must say, the first wave of clothing was a better mix than the second wave. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the second wave didn't sell as well (a lot lingered to make it sale pricing, for instance), so I'm unsure if we're getting any more.

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    Whilst out and about in London more than one Bond related brand has recently engaged me in some Monty Python re-enactment over the fact International James Bond Day is in October

    But some, including one of the above, especially if associated with the Craig-era have expressed needing to step back slightly as they view the Anniversary look back as primarily about the Connery/Moore eras.

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