Tommy Bahama Catalina Restocked

Long-time reader, first-time posting:

Just order a Medium Tommy Bahama Catalina from the web store. Looks like black is restocked in S through 3XL!

Been waiting for this for a LONG time!

Go get 'em!





  • JimmyBobbyJimmyBobby Posts: 39MI6 Agent

    I just wanna thank you for putting this up I have been after it for a year and finally ordered it!

  • miketeemiketee Posts: 2MI6 Agent

    Me too! I knew I wasn't alone! Hope it's great for you!

  • armenianmoviemanarmenianmovieman The 818Posts: 554MI6 Agent

    Medium and below are already gone!

    But the good news is that there seems to be a 50 off 100 popup, but briefly looking into it some more makes it seem like it's just a $50 promo card that will come with a $100 purchase. Like the Kohl's Cash or Old Navy bucks.

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 227MI6 Agent

    Can anyone shed some light on these restocks? I feel like they come and go so quickly and like every single size.

    Anybody have any idea on how often the restocks happen? Is it seasonal or just random for the long sleeve Catalina? I seem to have the worst luck when I periodically check they seem to always be all gone.

  • JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 521MI6 Agent

    Looks like as if yesterday there were more on the TB site. Looks like there is a 25% coupon still out there too.

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  • Enjoying DeathEnjoying Death Toronto, ON CANADAPosts: 1,175MI6 Agent

    Use code "SAVEFIRST" for 25% off. Not sure if that still works though but worth a shot.

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