"OK Connery" film "highlights"

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Here are some "highlights" of the Bond spoof Sean's brother Neil made in the late sixties. Like all such spoofs it looks dire.



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    excellent find @sirso

    you can watch the complete film here on youtube and judge for yourself

    I would say its almost canonical what with all the BondAlumni playing almost the same characters they played in the BondFilms

    Bianchi's playing a Pussy Galore type rather than a Tatiana Romanova type that's the main difference casting-wise.

    in the BondFilms, Anthony Dawson wasnt just Dent in Dr No, he was also Blofeld in From Russia with Love and Thuderball (Eric Pohlmann did Blofeld's voice). or at least he played head of SPECTRE, who was not named at this point. Dawson's playing a Blofeld type in OK Connery, rather than a Dent type. (and what happens to him in this film may explain why Dawson stops playing head of SPECTRE in the BondFilms and is replaced by Donald Pleaance, who is name Blofeld for the first time! thats why its almost canonical).

    Yee-Wah Yang is another actor who appears in both this film and You Only Live Twice.

    I filed a complete report here

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    Thanks for the info and links. I'll have a look.

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    perhaps the thing that blows my mind most about this is that the score is done by the legendary Ennio Morricone!

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    I always have to say this every time "OK Connery" or "Operation Kid Brother" (as it was known in the USA) comes up.

    I would rather watch "Ok Connery / Operation Kid Brother" than the 1967 Casino Royale (which I hate with a passion).

    I find "OK Connery / Operation Kid Brother" at least to be a guilty pleasure; a strangely entertaining, crazy ultimate Italian "Bondsploitation" film with a supporting cast of Bond regulars and alumni that just make it feel like some bizarre parallel universe where some Italian producer of cheap exploitation films somehow got the Bond film rights. And as AgentCJ19 pointed out, it has a pretty darn good Ennio Morricone score with a very Bond like theme song.

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