SPECTRE trousers (Neil Barrett) from Royalefilmwear



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    I heard the invitation for eagle-eyed inspection...

    1.) The fabric is slightly thinner on the original and not quite as thick as the Royale.

    2.) The front pockets have a sharper curve on the original and have a more rounded curve on the Royale. (See picture)

    3.) The pockets are longer on the original and there is more fabric in the front compared to the Royale. (this could be because the original is simply a larger size and the sample is a smaller size though)

    4.) The tic pattern looks more distinct on the original, without seeing the 2 pairs in person, I can only guess as lightening drastically plays a role in photos. Most likely the background fabric color (behind the tic pattern) is black on the originals and the background fabric color on the Royale pair is dark grey. Bear in mind, the color tag on the original actually say "black" Also the tic pattern itself could be a little lighter shade of grey on the originals to make it pop. (See picture)

    5.) the tic pattern is all flowing the same direction on the Royale pair, but is changed up on the original pair (as is common practice in fashion) The tic pattern is sideways across the waist band, and across the slash pockets in the back. It flows the same direction on the belt loops though as it flows on the pants.

    6.) The belt loops themselves have a couple issues on the Royale pair. They are skinner and possibly slightly longer on the original. Also they loop around the top on the original and are not stitched across the top like the Royale pair are. (a more common technique for denim)

    7.) The waistband is also slightly taller on the Royale pair compared to the original.

    8.) The stitch / thread that stitches the pants together is dark grey on the original and is black on the Royale pair.

    If you need help with the inside as well, just let me know.

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    If you're hiring, just let me know.

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