Bond Cars at The Bonhams Festival Of Speed Auction

I went to the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed Auction, where I got my hands the Land Rover Defender SVX seen in SPECTRE, and the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera from No Time To Die- and also looked at some of the other cars going under the hammer, that could scratch your Bond itch, but for more affordable budgets.

Hope that you enjoy it!




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    That's brilliant, thanks for this. I've never noticed the auction tent at FOS, it's behind the house he says? I completely missed it (not that I could have got in)! Was it near the McLaren stand?

    Great story behind that DBS with AM having to borrow it off from one of their customers! Funnily enough, as the certificate says, it doesn't feature in the scene where Nomi picks Bond up at the roadside (maybe in closeups of Nomi) as that was actually the Valhalla in that shot, which was later replaced with a totally CG DBS in post production. Pretty amazing. You can see how they decided to add a numberplate after the first couple of trailers were released.

    So if that is DBS 1 of 1 in the film, what's the one in Beaulieu? Just a show car?

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