Sheena Easton sings 'For Your Eyes Only' in 2021

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Another in the 'original artists singing their James Bond theme songs in 2022' thread, with the caveat that this is actually from 2021. Brought to you by Heineken.

Heineken! When your only criteria is that the beer is cold!

From September of 2021:

There are quite a few videos of her from this tour but this one is, I think, the best. The sound quality is very strong and her winning personality comes through quite well.

I think she's singing in a lower key and her phrasing is different in some key areas but whatever...she kills this. Very fun. I wish she'd keep the original enunciation of 'OWN-leeeeeeeeeeeeeee' but that's my only real nitpick.

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    Key down 1, from G major to F major, which isn't bad for over 40 years! She sounds great.

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    Sung with true conviction. @Gymkata I agree with your preference for the original enunciation.

    This would definitely have Maurice Binder reaching for his lenses...

    Critics and material I don't need. I haven't changed my act in 50 years.
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