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Does anyone have any of the Bond programs? I've only got 5 so far, 3 Japanese ones for Dr No, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. Also the fold out poster for Man with the golden gun, and the British program for Diamonds are forever pictured here. Does anyone know how many pages there should be in the Diamonds program? Mine has 28 including the outside cover pages. There's no colour centrefold in mine which surprised me, so I'm hoping all pages all there!


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    Does anyone know anything about the Man with the golden gun poster? There's no price on it,so would this have been given away at UK cinemas showing the film in '74?

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    I can confirm there are 28 pages in the DAF brochure and TMWTGG fold-out poster was not free, I remember buying mine from The Odeon, Leicester Square just after TMWTGG opened in December 1974.

    With regards to other UK brochures I have the following:

    James Bond in Thunderball, Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger.

    James Bond OO7 Incredible world of Thunderball and his Thunderbirds.

    Live and Let Die official souvenir brochure.

    Moonraker official souvenir brochure.

    FYEO film poster magazine and official souvenir brochure.

    Octopussy official souvenir brochure.

    Licence To Kill official souvenir brochure.

    Hope that helps and welcome to the wonderful world of James Bond paper tat. 🥂

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    Thanks for confirming my DAF program is complete! You've reminded me that I also have those first two on your list. My favourite ones are the programs from Japan. I can't read them, but great photos and very stylish!

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