Bond's death...wasn't he already dieing from gunshot wounds?

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As epic or controversial as Bond's death was to every fan out there, I felt his sacrifice to the missiles was not the cause of his death. He was shot 3 times by Safin, even if he gets off the island, what can anyone do to heal him, emergency treatment etc. He was starting to bleed to death. Bond had Heracles, but why not tell Miranda or Q he's been shot several times anyway & has no chance of survival. It was stated he ran out of time, but his wounds were fatal without emergency hospital treatment. He was a dieing man. Can anyone confirm his gunshot wounds, seemed like one to shoulder, leg and somewhere else, maybe 2 on the legs. Does anyone believe Bond could've survived his injuries?


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    Oh, I don't know are we past spoilers now or what? Can't we change it to 'Bond's demise' and maybe the word 'dying' too and bung it in the No Time To Die section or am I in a snitty mood?

    I agree with your view on Bond's death, it reminds me of some kind of comedy finale - is it Naked Gun? - where you see someone shot, stamped on, blown up to underline their demise. I found myself wholly disconnected at this point tbh, the idea he can run around like a loon after all that, makes one wonder if John Lennon had it in him to write another song that fateful evening if you can survive being shot at close range so often...

    Of is it a gag? No Time To Die? Why We've Got All the Time in the World.

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