Should Blofeld/Spectre be in 26 ?

John from CorkJohn from Cork Posts: 84MI6 Agent
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Personally, I think they should never have been brought back at all, and the fact that they made a complete dogs dinner of the Blofeld character with the step brothers nonsense, is unforgivable imo but I think unfortunately like the DB5, Blofeld/Spectre will be flogged to death and become a semi permanent feature from now on, indeed an number of foolish Bond fans over the years have said that they wish the bond villains in all the 70s/80s/90s Bond movies were working for Spectre


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,456Chief of Staff

    No, no, that's not accurate: not ALL the Bond villains, John.

    A foolish Bond fan from the 60s/70s/etc etc

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 19,992MI6 Agent

    I don't think Blofeld should return during the tenure of Bond7, probably not SPECTRE either. Saying they should never ever return is a tall order I think.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,551MI6 Agent

    I would like to see us have a break from Blofeld for a little while, but I certainly wouldn't oppose him or SPECTRE returning at some point.

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    DB5, Blofeld , SPECTRE, rouge missions….it’s been done to death….leave it in the past and show new things

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  • Mr MartiniMr Martini That nice house in the sky.Posts: 2,689MI6 Agent

    Blofeld and Spectre, no. A criminal organization and the head of the organization, sure. Doesn't have to be in every movie, but if the new Bond movies are to be connected somehow, do it from the start. Don't retcon things several movies in.

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  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 512MI6 Agent

    They shouldn’t have returned for NTTD. Spectre was dreadful but I guess they thought the Box Office take warranted bringing them back.

    Yes. Considerably!
  • MI6_HeadquartersMI6_Headquarters Posts: 37MI6 Agent

    I have no problem bringing them back, as long as they could do it right this time.

    The only good (shown faced) Blofeld for me so far was Telly Savalas' version, but the rest of the Blofelds were meh..... (I'm not counting the faceless ones).

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