List all the far-fetched and unrealistic action scenes in Bond films

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List all the far-fetched and unrealistic action scenes in Bond films, such as Bond hanging onto planes, fighting in helicopters, fighting on top of trains, etc.


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    It depends on what you mean by unrealistic. Many of the stunts are possible for one of the best performers in the field with years of training and under optimal conditions. Does this make the stunt unrealistic?

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    I should have said "realistic in real life". In other words, if these weren't stunts in a film, and a normal human being found themselves in situations that required hanging off planes and helicopters, or fighting in such circumstances, could they do it without falling off after a few seconds.

    Would, for example, someone in the SAS or SEALS be able to hang off planes etc if they had to? I imagine they could do.

    Maybe another way of putting this is: Would real life SAS etc ever be in such situations?

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    In the 30's and 40's Soviet paratroopers crawled out of the planes and into the body and wings before they all let go pretty much at the same time. This was done to get the troops to land in a small area and not get spread all over the landscape I think.

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    It's probably easier to list all the action scenes which are NOT far fetched and unrealistic

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    Good point.

    The films up till even LALD had plausible action scenes, though unlikely to happen to a real agent.

    I also thought the fights were more realistic in the Connery era. They were more "messy" then, with missed punches and more grappling.

    Now every fight looks choregraphed and there is no grappling.

    Anyone who has seen a real fight will know that 99% of the time it just involves each fighter hugging each other before one trips the other to the ground.

    Even punches in real fights never hit their target. And when they do, the guy punched is out for the count. Few people can continue a fight after being punched once.

    In the films, Bond is punched multiple times, yet still is able to continue.

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    I do find the action scenes in NTTD, quite unrealistic.

    NTTD had the most unrealistic action scenes.

    Paloma, a 50kg girl could take down bigger men than her? And she kicked them both like she's just having a flying kick! Wow! How unrealistic!

    I mean in the Norway chase where Bond's little car was able to stumbled and rolled down those big Land Rovers, there's no real tension, Bond's car was just slightly touching those land rovers, yet they've got easily stumbled and rolled down, was Bond's car really that powerful?

    Another one was at the forest while Logan Ash was shooting Bond from his car, but Bond was just calmly walking and dodged all of the bullets, he may not even know that Logan Ash was shooting him, he's just wandering around the forest.

    Then another one was the bomb scene when Bond fought all of those Safin's henchmen alone (yes, for a 50+ something year old guy who never had any training for five years took it all down), a bad guy thrown a grenade on him, he touches that then he thrown it at those other bad guys above then it's exploded, like when that grenade was thrown at Bond it should explode right at front of him right, but no, Bond grabbed the grenade and thrown it up, that's impossible, very unrealistic.

    Honorable mention goes to SPECTRE.

    1. Bond easily grabbed the kidnapper's gun pointed at him despite of his head being covered with that sack.

    2. Bond easily break the rope tied around his wrists using just his strength.

    3. Bond shooting down Blofeld's helicopter.

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    @MI6_Headquarters I won't disagree with your choices, Except for honorable mention #2.

    Bond's wrists were tied with a thin zip tie and that is the correct way to escape. Was it a little too effortless? Yes, but at least it was somewhat realistic. See:

    As for the escape from Blofeld's headquarters, that was comically bad. Bond's just had holes drilled through his skull into his brain and can run, shoot a rifle without a miss at extreme distances, and then presumably fly a helicopter.

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    I think the last Bond film that had action sequences being realistic was FYEO. The only action scene in that which was approaching unrealistic was the Citroën 2CV car chase.

    Maybe LTK was also quite realistic up until the truck chase at the end.

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    Yes, how Bond after having holes drilled in his head could even walk straight, let alone escape and blow up Blofeld's lair is anyones guess.

    The only action scene in Spectre that was plausible was the train fight, where you saw Bond getting a good beating for once in the Craig films. And he even needed the woman to get him out of that.

    Though I like the helicopter fight at the beginning of Spectre, I get the sense that it would be impossible to have a real fight in a helicopter that lasted more than 1 minute. One head butt by Bond or his protagonist would have ended the fight.

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    Here's a similar video showing how to escape if you are tied with duct tape:

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    My vote here goes to the DC era "James Bourne" fight sequences, where Bond dispatches multiple opponents at the same time without as much as breaking a sweat. Think CR embassy fight or QS elevator fight.

    Honorable mention goes to the the SF express elevator hanging on... The current type of express elevators do about 2000 feet/minute ascent, with fastest ones going up to more than 3000ft/minute ascent. Try to jump up and grab that from a slick steel bar when it's moving away from you at about 40-50km/h...

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    Yes those stunts you mention are impossible.

    The Bourne films in particular try to look realistic by using shaky cameras, unglamorous locations and mundane scenarios, but their fight scenes are impossible.

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