Reproduction James Bond British quad posters circa 1989

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In another thread I once attempted to inform AJBers that back in 1989 The Vintage Magazine Company in Soho were permitted to reprint some (not all) of the back catalogue of vintage James Bond quads as part of their agreement to print the official movie posters for License to Kill. These quads were printed full size 40x30" and were on a thicker glossier stock than the originals. In the case of You Only Live Twice if you do not have any bleed through of the artwork on the back of the poster then it is a reprint. You would be surprised how many of these turn up at auction or through reputable dealers claiming to be originals. The posters were retailed by The Vintage Magazine Company @ £7.50 each:

Everything I have previously stated regarding these high quality reprints is confirmed in this honest seller's listing 👍️ At the time I had the option of purchasing a 1967 original from the newly opened Forbidden Planet 2 in St Giles Circus for £25 or take a short walk round the corner to The Vintage Magazine Company to secure a £7.50 reprint. Guess what option this idiot took? 🤔

To confirm a few details: These were sent out to cinemas machine folded by National Screen Services back in 1967 because this was the cheapest way to mail them. They were printed on a very thin stock because the paper had to have the ability to soak up paste to stick them on billboards. Anyone who has ever attempted to back a US style one sheet which was printed on a glossier stock will know exactly what I am talking about because linen backers charge extra, usually around £10, to back a glossy finish poster. The size was 40" x 30". No bigger, no smaller, apart from the posters printed for The London Underground in the 70s and 80s. The Donkey has spoken (again!)


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    It's okay, the Planet was Forbidden!

    Still a cool store in NYC last time I was there. I miss Jerry Ohlinger's movie material store, though. And all Bond books I could buy in NY back when the pompous bookstores said, "Ian Fleming?! We don't keep that junk here, kid." Now "they'll pay dearly for making a fool out of me!"

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