Sunspel Tees - frustrating problem

Love Sunspel T's - not flimsy like the OB-Ts and I have many of them that I grab on sale for better value but........

Does anybody else have a problem with the bottom hem stitching coming undone and unravelling????

Ive had about 4 or 5 do this and of course by the time you notice its too late.

What pisses me off is I literally had a brand new one that has done it on the very first wear around the house - so its damn frustrating as I love em.

Anyhow sorry for the rant but wondering if others here have had this same problem? It must be some kind of final finish flaw as never had it on any other brand.

Tempted to write to them but mine are rarely bought direct as I grab em new elsewhere randomly when a bargain hits now and then

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  • dwf76dwf76 Chesterfield, UKPosts: 38MI6 Agent

    Not with the t-shirts, but I've got a Henley that has done this. I seem to cut strands of loose thread off every time I wear it.

    In their defence it was bought from the factory shop, although I'm reasonably sure the fault was a small hole, not the stitching.

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 512MI6 Agent

    I’ve got a few Sunspel t shirts but not had that issue with any of them.

    Yes. Considerably!
  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,625MI6 Agent

    I have a couple of Sunspel t-shirt and one of them has done this. It is frustrating. I've had it a while but for the price one pays, it shouldn't happen and hasn't happened on my other t-shirts that cost less than half the amount a Sunspel does.

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  • Enjoying DeathEnjoying Death Toronto, ON CANADAPosts: 1,174MI6 Agent

    I own several Sunspel and OB tees and for the amount of money they cost, the quality of construction is sorely lacking. The material especially on the OB ones, is so thin I can see through it. They rip very easily just taking them off.

    Tees costing half or less seem to have better quality material and construction. I almost feel like they are pushing cheap products on us based solely on the Bond connection and trying to get away with a premium price tag, for sub-par goods.

    Never again will I purchase their clothing.

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  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 512MI6 Agent

    To be fair I would never ever pay full price for any OB or Sunspel product.

    Yes. Considerably!
  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 131MI6 Agent

    I have many Sunspel and OB T-shirts of all types for several years now, I was actually thinking of writing a review of how they coped with time (from 1 to 3 years) but you kind of beat me to it.

    So, to cut a long story short, Sunspel's built quality is low compared to OB and i would even go as far as say it is a joke compared to other high profile t-shirt manufacturers like Merzbschwanen.

    I have stopped shopping from them.

  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 226MI6 Agent

    I had been thinking about some Sunspel T-shirts for a long time. And yes I know they have sales frequently, but I’m really not looking to pay a premium for something that’s just not made like it used to be. I’m sure it’s not just this, but part of me wonders if the quality has kind of decreased on their more “ standard” t-shirts (still pricey though) in order to push their higher level sea island cotton type stuff a little more. Regardless, quality does not seem to be meeting the price in my honest opinion.

    I have to feel like Orlebar Brown has pretty substantially great quality, but the thinness of their T-shirts aren’t really for me.

    The last thing I’m doing is buying just because it’s a certain logo or history of a brand. Sunspel has such a rich history, I really hope their quality starts to get back on track like it used to be.

    And just to be clear, I’m not saying Sunspel is the worst or anything, they have plenty of great stuff, just seems to have been a noticeable quality difference for a while now, specifically with their t-shirts.

  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,125MI6 Agent

    Just to be clear - for me I love the Tees and the quality of the fabric is great. Its just this damn hem stitching comes undone on a fair few of mine - seems to be the method of the final stitch or something.

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  • singhammersinghammer Posts: 108MI6 Agent

    I have experienced the same issue. Seems to be the weak spot of these Ts. Though mine came undone after a couple of years, so I guess I cannot complain.

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