LOOKING FOR INTEREST - Group Buy of Brunello Cucinelli Tie

hthomashthomas Philadelphia, PAPosts: 829MI6 Agent
Hi All,

Many of you will remember this Navy silk tie with brown stripes that Daniel Craig has worn a lot over the past few years. This tie has long sense been unavailable. I am working on getting this tie re made by Cucinelli and I wanted to gauge interest of those who would also want to buy the tie. Much like the other projects done here on the forum, there will be a minimum to purchase to have the run made for us. We would need 15 ties to be able to make the run happen. I do not have an exact price point yet but the estimate that was given to me was $295.

I will be handling all aspects of the project if it can get off the ground. Many on here can vouch for myself and I am also "Dressing Like Bond" on instagram.

If you are interested please comment below and I will form a list on this original post. Once we hit 15 I will gladly update everyone through the next steps.

Thank you!





1 - hthomas
2 - sruzgar
3 - Royale-Les-Eaux
4 - sw17
5 - Josh SellersIN
6- jared_nomak


  • sruzgarsruzgar Welcome to ScotlandPosts: 1,430MI6 Agent
    1 - hthomas
    2 - sruzgar
  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 531MI6 Agent
    I’m in.
  • sw17sw17 Posts: 28MI6 Agent
    As am I!
  • jared_nomakjared_nomak Posts: 1,839MI6 Agent
    I’m on
  • BodieBodie Posts: 211MI6 Agent
    If anyone is interested I found a budget alternative to this tie made by Baumler.

    Minute I saw it I thought Craig tie. Haven't actually been able to wear it yet as due to Covid19 I haven't had a suit and tie on since the end of February.

    Tried to post some images but I'm not very teckie and can't work out how to do it.
  • BodieBodie Posts: 211MI6 Agent
    Realised when I reread my previous post it sounds a bit like I was trying to sell the tie. I'm not. It was just in case anyone wanted to try and find the tie from Baumler. Its really close to the one in the photos.
  • TBVTBV Posts: 2MI6 Agent
    Bodie- do you perhaps have a link to the Baumer tie that we could look at to compare it to the Cucinelli original? Not in any way trying to scupper Harris' project, I'm just curious!
  • BodieBodie Posts: 211MI6 Agent
    Sorry I don't. I just happen to come across it when I was looking through a tie rack in a shop. Happy to try to post some photos if someone could give me an idiots guide to how to do it.
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