Suggestion: Bond X Memorabilia Forum

I would like to propose a suggestion- instead of "James Bond Memorabilia, Collecting & Clothing" representing ALL Bond films collecting, why not have two Memorabilia informational forums? I'd like to propose renaming the "James Bond Memorabilia, Collecting & Clothing" to "James Bond General Memorabilia, Collecting & Clothing," and IN ADDITION, create a new forum called "Bond 25 Memorabilia, Collecting, and Clothing." With each successive Bond film, that number in the title would then be changed to reflect what the latest film is being released.

I'm a longtime fan and lurker of this forum, and since Skyfall, this has been the first resource I've turned to to find out where to source Bond's fantastic fashion pieces. However, one of the biggest hurdles that I've always faced in doing so is that all his costume pieces are lumped into a single message thread, and I can't imagine that I'm the only who just finds it impossible to read hundreds of pages to find information about X jacket, X tie, or X whatever. This is made all the more challenging when this is on a spoiler approved thread, so having to carefully read through dozens of pages for info on a specific piece reveals way more than I usually want to know.

By creating a movie specific board, this would make it that much easier for everyone to find info on the RGT jacket in the latest film, because there would be a thread dedicated solely to that piece. Same for the gloves, and so forth. And then, when a new movie comes out, all these threads can be merged either collectively or individually into the General Memorabilia forum (e.g. either just dump all the threads into the General forum, or merge them together as a 'Bond X' thread to place into the General forum).

Ideally, we would have a board for every movie that comes out and then gets archived after the fact, but I understand that logistically this might be too much to ask for. But hopefully, this small change of adding a single board for the latest, upcoming Bond film's memorabilia and clothing might be a viable alternative, one that would make the lives of so many of us gear collectors happy, and for this to be a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience. This would be a small change that would require moderating once every 2+ years (depending on how often Bond films are released), and ultimately would have the same outcome that the current layout has, except in a more user friendly way.

Anyway, thank you for everything that you've done! This site rocks!


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