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I know physical media is probably dead but are the bond films currently in print on DVD, Blu-ray etc ? Do you think will any new extras be added to any future reissues ?


  • Golrush007Golrush007 South AfricaPosts: 3,123Quartermasters

    I have absolutely no knowledge regarding the industry of home video releasing etc. but from my point of view it seems highly unlikely that any future releases would include new extras. I was impressed that when the first wave of Bond Blu-rays came out that the existing special features were 'upgraded' to 1080P with new scans of photos, documents, film clips etc. Sadly this process was evidently not finished because the titles that we re-released after the initial wave had the same SD copies of the special features. And I don't expect any further revisiting of the special features on the older titles.

    I wonder if there would ever be the possibility for a boutique home media label like The Criterion Collection licensing older Bond films for physical release like they did with the older laserdiscs. If something like that was to occur I would expect them to do some sort of new retrospective interviews etc, even if it was just with film historians or critics and not necessarily with the surviving people involved in making the earlier films, who are sadly few in number now.

  • John from CorkJohn from Cork Posts: 44MI6 Agent

    I don't see them licencing the Eon films to a 3rd party, they didn't even license CR67 to a 3rd party so that it could have a decent UK release. I bought the most recent MGM CR67 Blu-ray a couple of years ago and it was bare bones, only a trailer as an extra. At least the 2013 NSNA release had a couple of short documentarys

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,098MI6 Agent

    Perhaps there will be nice 60 years anniversary boxset release in 2022, including NTTD disc obviously. I can't imagine the other 24 films will have much added with regards extras though.

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