The Shifting Sands of A James Bond Fan

JoshuaJoshua Posts: 1,023MI6 Agent

I don't know if it is the same with other people, but James Bond films (and actors) go up and down in my rankings.

Connery, Lazenby and Moore have always been my favourites and they have never been taken from the top of my list.

Until a few weeks ago I put Dalton at about the middle, that was until I saw TLD on TV a couple of weeks ago. Oh Dear! I'm not sure if he could have put in a more over dramatic performance. That said I still like him in LTK.

As it stands today, my favourite films are still the 'classic' ones (DN, GF, TB, OHMSS, and all the Moore films - except MR and TSWLM - yes I love OP and AVTAK!)

These rankings (except my favourite/least favourite Bonds) will change with time as I re-watch the films but I think that is one of the delights of the whole series.


  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 9,278MI6 Agent

    Yes, it's variable. I enjoyed watching TLD on TV some decades ago, the intricacies of it and Dalton even (his inability to do humour drags the film after a while) and when AVTAK was shown on telly a week later (the films being shown in reverse order) the film and Moore seemed flat and dead, a waste of time. But generally I enjoy AVTAK far more than the other movie, it's just being in the right mood for it.

    I can't get on with Lazenby as Bond esp when having enjoyed Connery. Again, it's his inability to do humour. But I can get on with it, especially when making allowances. Then I can really enjoy OHMSS - but when it comes round again, and I approach it in that mood, without making allowances, it is a drag for me.

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  • Mr MalloryMr Mallory North by northwestPosts: 627MI6 Agent

    I really enjoy the Craig films, not so much Brosnan or the over the top older Bond films like Moonraker.

    What makes you think this is my first time?
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