How did you first hear about casino royale 1967?

I didn't hear about it until 1999, I read about it in a magazine that was doing a James Bond special to mark the release of the world is not enough. I then enquired about it in HMV and they ordered in a VHS copy for me.


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    First I heard of CR '67 was in 1990s on a now ancient bit of CD-ROM software, Microsoft Cinemania. I used to spend ages reading up on different movies and then came across a screenshot of Casino Royale. I wasn't familiar with the Fleming books at that stage, but the caption said it was a James Bond movie. It puzzled me, but the screenshot featured Peter Sellers who I loved at that time from The Pink Panther and The Party. A number of years later I found a DVD and bought it. (It was actually the first Bond film I ever owned on DVD). I've always had a slight soft spot for it.

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    I was around back then.

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    good question! I must have seen it in a list in a book. I actually don't remember how I would have learned what any of the films were before the Spy Who Loved Me (my first bondfilm), unless I found a list. Yet I'm sure I quickly figured out both what all the previous titles were, and what order they came out in.

    What I do remember is hearing a Herb Alpert toon on the radio I'd heard a million times before and being shocked when the announcer said the name of that toon was Casino Royale.

    Also... I had to stay up til 4 in the morning after Saturday Night Live to watch it. Unlike the EON films, it was never on in prime time, and it was never hyped when it was on teevee. You had to study TV Guide week after week for a chance to see it. (Catch-22 was another film that only ever showed at that hour)

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    I was a huge Peter Sellers fan when I was young and would watch anything he was in. My two universes met in perfect harmony when Sellers and Bond were together...until I actually saw it!

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    When I was 11, I bought a huge pictorial history book called A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO THE MOVIES. By year from 1929, it featured stills from thousands of films, gave the director of each one, the studio and named the actors shown. There was a brief potted history of each year, including who won Oscars, who died, scandal, etc. It was great guide to me in my formative years loving movies. Obviously, when I got to 1967 it mentioned there were two James Bond films. The still from TOLT was of the volcano crater. As I recall, there wasn't one for CR'67. I first saw it on TV a few years later and thought it was terrible. I still think it's terrible.

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    I was a kid - mega Bond fan even then, as the Connery films were being shown on telly, only some seven or more years after they were in the cinema - and along comes Casino Royale. Not quite hyped the way the others were, but trailed. I saw it on my Dad's black and white TV in his flat on the south coast and yes it was rubbish but sulked when they turned it over. My parents laughed at the Ursula Andress joke 'This is the first time I've been around with a John' and one bit went into legend for me - David Niven in his Riley (actually a Bentley) and a milk float or machine guns coming out of his car. Woody Allen's firing squad scene sparkles with two great jokes one after the other. Memories all became vague with other films of the 60s all the same for someone who liked a laugh as a kid this really was a stinker. It didn't get shown much after and then someone hit upon the idea it was a Bond film so could get shown with all the others. A month ago ITV showed it on Friday evening which is pretty much prime time, that's progress eh?

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    I was in Jr. High School, another kid told me he had seen two Bond films! One was “funny” in the other movie Blofeld was a short bald guy with a scar down his face. I didn’t know what to think, I hoped he was wasn’t telling the truth. He was …

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    In my younger days in the late 70's early 80's I was a big Bond and Pink Panther movie fan my parents liked the films and they were often on at home.

    Naturally I sought out Peter Sellers other films... CR 67 and Whats New Pussycat both madcap anarchic movies I first watched around the same time.

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