Major costume blooper in Quantum of Solace

There is surely a major costume blooper in QoS when Bond leaves Haiti with a blood and seawater soaked outfit and then boards a long-haul flight -- to Austria! He turns up at a fancy Austrian venue, walks in with the exact same outfit and then changes into a dinner jacket without anyone batting an eyelid!


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    Hmm I would not say "major". Notice the film takes place in a fictional world where Bregenz has an airport (it doesn't), so there may also be direct flights from Haiti. And no one cares what you wear on a flight. Sure, he could and would probably have changed his outfit if given the time, but he was following Greene as fast as he could, and probably did not give a damn.

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    I thought M said something to the effect of Tanner getting Bond a flight to Austria (private plane?). And he does have the jacket zipped up to hide the polo when he's exploring backstage. Anyway, personally I find the fact that Bond found a Tom Ford tuxedo in an extra's locker that fit him perfectly to be the point where full suspension of disbelief is required. 😁

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    It’s James Bond, he wore a tuxedo under his tux in “Goldfinger”.

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    Actually, there's an airport about 15km from Bregenz. He was actually on a private jet and supposedly had plenty of time to change. For a spy, walking around with blood-stained clothes and cuts and bruises is hardly uncover attire. :)

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    The biggest costume blooper in QoS is in the opening scene after PTS with M and Mr White. Check out his miraculous moving shirt collar. In, out, in , out.... Brilliant

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