Best architecture in the Bond films?

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I think more than any other action franchise the Bond films are known for the architecture, both real locations and stylish sets. What are your favourite locations/sets in terms of architecture?

Already in DN we get the tarentula room and Dr No's lair. On a much grander scale we have the hollowed out vulcano in YOLT and and the u-boat pen inside the tanker in TSWLM.

In terms of real locations I actually love the Golden Gate bridge in AVTAK! Another is Aya Sofia in FRWL (I've actually been there) and Venice in that movie and also MR and CR.

Those are just a few. What do you like?


  • SpectreOfDefeatSpectreOfDefeat Posts: 354MI6 Agent

    In terms of set design architecture, the volcano lair from YOLT is a classic. I also like the interior design of Stromberg's Atlantis lair and the Ice Palace in DAD.

    If we're talking real life locations, I think the satellite dish from GE and the Indian Udaipair Palace from OP stand out well from the crowd here.

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    I loved Ken Adams' "00" briefing room in Thunderball. So magnificent.

    As for real locations, Mount Asgard in TSWLM pts, and the pyramids, also in TSWLM, coincidentally.

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