Your favourite moment from each film?

What's your favourite moment from each of the Bond films?

Mine are:

DN - Honey emerging from the sea

FRWL - Tatiana in her blue dress

GF - Bond electrocutes Oddjob

TB - the underwater battle

YOLT - reveal of Blofeld

OHMSS - the climactic attack on Piz Gloria

DAF - the car chase

LALD - J.W. Pepper's part

TMWTGG - none

TSWLM - Bond's car turns into a submarine

MR - the cable car fight

FYEO - Bond kicks Locque's car off the cliff

OP - the climax in India

AVTAK - Bond in the hot tub with Pola Ivanova

TLD - the final act in Afghanistan

LTK - the tanker truck climax

GE - the final act in Cuba

TND - Carver telling Bond about the torture instruments

TWINE - the boat chase

DAD - none

CR - the building destruction

QOS - the hotel destruction

SF - the PTS

SP - MI6 teamwork in the climax


  • SpectreOfDefeatSpectreOfDefeat Posts: 354MI6 Agent

    I'll have a go at deciding. Mine are:

    DN: Bond says "Bond...James Bond" to Sylvia Trench

    FRWL: Bond meets Tatiana

    GF: the entire Fort Knox climax

    TB: Bond plays cards against Emilio Largo

    YOLT: I agree here; the reveal of Blofeld.

    OHMSS: the car chase with Tracy

    DAF: Bond sneaks into the Las Vegas penthouse

    LALD: Bond jumps on crocodiles' backs to escape

    TMWTGG: Bond confronts Lazar

    TSPWLM: the underwater Lotus scene

    MR: Bond fights for the parachute in mid-air

    FYEO: Bond climbs to the monastery

    OP: the car going on rails

    AVTAK: destruction of Zorin's mine

    TLD: Saunders is killed and Bond reacts

    LTK: Bond meets Sanchez in the casino

    GE: Bond confronts Trevelyan in the statue graveyard

    TND: the motorbike chase in Saigon

    TWINE: Bond escapes the nuclear silo with Christmas

    DAD: the sword fight with Graves

    CR: Bond in M's flat

    QOS: the pre-titles in Italy

    SF: Bond meets Silva

    SP: Bond at the Day of the Dead

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