On sale date Odeon Cinemas

chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 1,366MI6 Agent

The on sale date is 13th Sept on the Odeon website. As always with modern websites, it is impossible to navigate, but there you have it. Link attached.

No Time To Die | Book Tickets at ODEON | Showtimes & Tickets


  • HowardBHowardB USAPosts: 2,600MI6 Agent

    If I lived in London.....or was able to visit I'd be all in on seeing NTTD at the BFI IMAX or the Empire IMAX at Leicester Square.

    I saw Batman V Superman in 70MM IMAX some years ago at the BFI and it was spectacular. Never been in the Empire IMAX but from what I have read it is also outstanding.

  • johnraidersjohnraiders Posts: 83MI6 Agent
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    They’re on sale now, just booked for BFI IMAX

  • Revs1972Revs1972 Posts: 74MI6 Agent

    All booked in for 10am on the 30th at the Vue Torbay πŸ˜ƒ

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,184MI6 Agent

    Showcase Lux Teesside for mine.

    10am with Bond buddies and 2pm with Mrs R.


    Skewered, one sympathises...

    1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.
  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 433MI6 Agent

    The empire is in some ways more enjoyable as there are some seats at the fringes in the BFI where your (my) head just can't cope with the screen and rather than immersive you feel like you're missing bits.

    I see the 007 store is continuing the theme of today being Christmas coupling ticket releases with the advent calendar.

  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 1,366MI6 Agent

    I have gone a little crazy and booked for the midnight plus 1 showing at the Leicester Square Odeon. I see the run time is 2 hours and 43 minutes. I'll get out in time to catch the first train home ! Then I can read all the spoilers on these NTTD forums. 😜 😜

  • johnraidersjohnraiders Posts: 83MI6 Agent

    I think in any IMAX screen there are only a handful of good seats.

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