No Time to Die - a 3D conversion?

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As many of you guys are no doubt doing, I've been looking at booking seats to go and watch NTTD when it is released (October 1 here in South Africa). While looking at bookings, I've noticed that most of the screenings here are advertised as 3D.

I was very surprised by this, and I did a bit of Googling and it seems that there may have been a 3D conversion created for release in certain international territories. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it really true that there is a 3D-converted version of NTTD? I have no interest in seeing that personally, and that will probably mean having to travel further from home than usual in order to find it on a 2D screen.


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    Hmm....have heard nothing about a 3D conversion of NTTD. That would seem very much out of the ordinary for a Bond film.

    Except for a few kid oriented animated films these days, you don't see much 3D anymore.

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