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    I ( like many of the cinema audiences, it seems ) avoid anything with Him in it, Luckily I'll get to see skyfall
    in a preview ( so won't be adding to any viewing figures or profits ). If it turns out to be good,Then I'll pay to
    see it a few times, if not. At least i'll have the pleasure of knowing the producers haven't made any money
    out of me.
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  • thesecretagentthesecretagent CornwallPosts: 2,151MI6 Agent
    You'll see it. And they will make money out of you. :p
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  • 7700777007 Posts: 502MI6 Agent
    lol :))
  • Moore ThanMoore Than EnglandPosts: 3,173MI6 Agent
    Thunderpussy will be first in line on opening night......if only to say "I told you so". :D

    Not seen much of Daniel Craig's work outside of the Bond films. Our Friends In The North, Layer Cake, Road To Perdition, Munich and Lara Croft Tomb Raider. All good stuff.....even Lara Croft Tomb Raider, it's so naff it's a guilty pleasure. :D Layer Cake is my big favourite despite the swearing, Craig excels.
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  • Agent PurpleAgent Purple Posts: 857MI6 Agent
    Though I'm not really a big fan of him as 007, fellow ajb007 folk might be surprised to learn that Craig has become one of my favorite actors in general. His Tintin performance might be my current favorite, but I also think he was impressive in Knives Out and Defiance.
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  • 7700777007 Posts: 502MI6 Agent
    Wow I started this thread almost 9 years ago. Crazy. Guess I should update it soon.

    I need to rewatch Logan Lucky & Knives Out. Two instant Craig classics.
  • The Spy Who Never DiesThe Spy Who Never Dies UKPosts: 642MI6 Agent
    I've watched a lot of Daniel Craig's films. Liked Layer Cake and Defiance. Didn't care for Dream House. Enjoyed Knives Out.

    Of his earlier stuff, I've seen Hotel Splendide (2000) which is very weird but I liked it. Also, Some Voices (2000) is very good. He plays a character who suffers from mental health issues. A bitter/sweet film. Kelly Macdonald and David Morrissey are also in it.
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    Ooooooh! Zombie thread. Monster munch.
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