Andy House 'Diamonds Are Forever' Tribute RPM Ring

thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
On February of 2020, the Bond community suffered a great loss with the sudden passing of our dear friend, Andy house.

Andy’s love of all things Bond, like many of us, gave him the desire to own a piece of the legacy.
His expertise extended into the many props issued Bond by Q-Branch.

Andy not only collected the prop replicas offered by prop-makers but, due to his extensive research, allowed him to fabricate many of the props he added to his and other collectors collections.

One of his personal favorite of the Bond films was “Diamonds Are Forever” and, as a tribute to his memory, a collected few of his friends decided to fabricate one of the props from that film.

The prop in question is the Q-Branch Electro-Magnetic RPM ring worn by Q that allowed him to win every single pull of the one-armed bandits in the casino.

Thanks to examination of the actual screen-worn ring worn by Desmond Llewellyn, a faithful replica will be made to exacting specifications.

All profits from the sale of the prop will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund and The British Heart Foundation as was his wish to have donations made upon his passing in lieu of flowers.

The ring will be 3D printed using Laser sintering in aluminium and will be issued in the screen-accurate size as the original ring. It will be supplied with a piano black wooden ring box for £160 plus shipping and a handling fee.

As these will me made-to-order, a non-refundable deposit of £75.00 will be asked at the time of order.

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only own a screen accurate version of the prop ring but to make a donation to two worthy causes in remembrance to one of our fellow Bond fans.

Anyone interested may feel free to contact me directly and I will pass along the information to the fabricator.



  • HigginsHiggins GermanyPosts: 16,399MI6 Agent

    Please put me down for one.
    Great project, Ed!
    President of the 'Misty Eyes Club'.

    Dalton - the weak and weepy Bond!
  • The Bond ExperienceThe Bond Experience Newtown, PAPosts: 5,473Quartermasters
    I am 100% in....what a wonderful tribute for a wonderful gent!
  • ttdriverttdriver Posts: 185MI6 Agent
    Count me in as well!! What a great piece for a tribute to Andy and his love for DAF and Bond. Thanks ED
  • Donald GrantDonald Grant U.S.A.Posts: 2,189Quartermasters
    In like Flynn or rather Flint! :))
    So, what sharp little eyes you've got...wait till you get to my teeth.
    "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." Richard Grenier after George Orwell, Washington Times 1993.
  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
    Thank you, guys for supporting this project. I think it is a fitting tribute to Andy as well as a nice way towards making a donation to his favorite charities.

    The orders are being handled by Minigeff so please contact him directly to place your order.His email is:

    Thanks again.
  • bondpropfanbondpropfan Southern UKPosts: 286MI6 Agent
    I'm in,

    I guessed it would be completed for a 'passionate and studious, down to earth person' like Andy, by the same type of individual that will put his passion & attention to detail wholeheartedly into this lovely idea... -{
  • Tato007Tato007 France Posts: 263MI6 Agent
    I’m in too !
  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
    Thank you, guys for supporting this project.
    Please contact Minigeff to arrange things. -Ed
  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
    Hoping others that knew Andy might want to see this so, moving it to the top in case they missed it.
  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,701MI6 Agent
    Thanks to the 18 people supporting this project. A sizeable contribution will be soon sent to both the RAF Benevolent Society as well as the British Heart Foundation in Andy's name.
    I didn't get a chance yesterday to give a proper toast to Andy on what would have been his 60th Birthday.
    Here's to you 'Gadgetmeister' thank you for being a good friend to myself as well as to the entire Bond community. You are missed!

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