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Probably a very good decision

JTM wrote:

I used to train with a weight vest when I was at uni, but I now live in the centre of a not necessarily big but important city and my morning run takes me past a lot of big government buildings, national monuments, galleries, museums, archives etc and I'm afraid that if someone doesn't know what a weight vest is, an...awkward...situation might arise—the vest does look rather "unusual". So I keep it now for my treadmill runs.


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I’m still grinding it out on the gym floor and have added some running to my programme as well.

Yes. Considerably!

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ExpatJB wrote:
ichaice wrote:

How’s everyone doing on the Bond 25 Fitness Challenge? I’m lucky as I train at home anyway so not much change for me on the training side. I’ve increased my calories slightly recently though but do need to keep away from chocolate jar  ajb007/lol

Sticking at it 6 days a week. 1 hour each day HIIT Boxing traiing/strength and conditioning, now home based and livestreamed/youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAXnX … RZQN65mEQ. Fresh food. https://www.amazon.com/Fighters-Kitchen … 146548373X I like Chris Algieris recipes.  No booze.  Active rest on the day off.  Plenty of walking at other times.   ajb007/cheers

still on this plan, outdoors, which is great. have added a 20 minute stretching routine which is a great cool down and help with mobility (age doesn’t come alone).

It gave me the stamina to go from running 7 miles one week, to a half marathon the next, to a marathon the week after. I’ve never run for exercise and these were progressively my longest ever distances. Not recommended!  It was really 50% ignorance and 50% sheer bloody mindedness.  ajb007/insane

Dont wait for your ship to come in.  Swim out and meet the bloody thing.