Re: Mission:Impossible 7-thread (shooting, wardrobe, etc.)

Asp9mm wrote:

Yes, I have the same problem with Barbour international. But you can pick those labels off quite easily using a stitch pick. 

Polos, yep, same here. Lacoste make great polos, but that contrasting alligator looks terrible. Good news is, you can pick those off very easily too. I know a few people on here that do just that.

Lacoste is now releasing some polos with the crocodile same color as the polo....or sweatshirt or shirt......very classy !!!


Re: Mission:Impossible 7-thread (shooting, wardrobe, etc.)

I'd buy one.

MikeG77 wrote:
Westward_Drift wrote:

I have to agree with Asp9mm on this. That badge just ruins the jacket. The appeal of the Craig Blouson is the lines of the split seams. It's ruined, imo, by the metal badge on the sleeve. It looks like a beetle or giant tick is attached to the sleeve.

I own the John Varvatos Split Seam Jacket which was copied for the Spectre Morocco jacket. The only external branding is on the zipper pull. Same with my Dunhill Layer Cake jacket and Tom Ford Harrington. Let the styling of the jacket speak for itself.

I also worry what other changes Matchless may make on the retail version of the MI jacket. The owners of Matchless have a history dating back to their ownership of Belstaff of making blatant changes to screen jackets but not disclosing the changes in their marketing.

I wonder if Matchless would be willing to do a one off run of the Craig blouson without the metal badge say 25 to 50 jackets?