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Oh, long time since I last posted here, and it's well overdue...much been happening and all that.


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I just want to go on record as saying I believe the Luke Janus thing is a plant. I don't believe this MSNBC article exists. This post is a shameless self-promotion from Luke/Jimmy.

Oh, and I think Amy Winehouse would be fine to sing the theme for QoS, though I'd prefer Bjork.

Dug this out of the QoS forum, as I was driving across Iceland last week and Björk's collaboration with David Arnold came on my iPod, Play Dead.  (For those who are unfamiliar, or just plain forget... and it struck me not just how Bondian it was (known that since '93) but how apt the lyrics were for Quantum of Solace.  She'd still be a favourite of mine to take the vocal, but hey, we've had some recent disasters and sadly I'm not in control.

Amy would have been another favoured choice, a wonderful and sadly all-too-short lived talent.



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I had never heard this, but it does sound Bondesque. Pretty good. I would have loved for Amy Winehouse to do it, but Adele and Duffy are my next best choices.

Good find and thanks for introducing me to this.


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First time hearing this Björk song. It's pretty good. She also did a good You Only Live Twice version. Although, I remember hearing that she didn't like it that much because the original song is a classic.

"Better late than never."


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Play Dead was used in TND...only a small snippet...great track though... ajb007/martini

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Bjork would be absolutely amazing for a Bond theme - her version of You Only Live Twice is also a thing of beauty.  Sadly it seems (a) the producers are slaves to who's big in the charts and (b) Bjork has sunk so far into a world of her own I'm not sure she even knows that there is such a thing as "films" anymore.

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