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Please can someone help?

In Moonraker, did Jaws' girlfriend / love interest have braces on her teeth when she smiles at him for the first time?

I (and everyone else I have talked to) remember that she did, however, when you google this topic, the braces have gone.

What's going on?

Thanks so much in advance!


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Not this again !!!!!!  ajb007/lol

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This has been discussed here before: http://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/48277/man … ad-braces/


Re: Dolly's braces - Moonraker

Thunderpussy wrote:

Not this again !!!!!!  ajb007/lol

Oh no!! I'm really sorry if this has come up before but it's driving me insane!! Please could someone confirm what's going on here?!


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As my friend Matt S said above, this has been discussed before here. Please refer to the thread quoted and continue there. This thread closed.

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