Re: They shouldn't have called it Spectre - SPOILERS

Number24 wrote:

I've never thought of it before, but calling the movie "Nine Eyes" (or some other good title) and hiding most of the hints about Blofeld and SPECTRE from the trailers would have been better. The way it is now, anyone with a passing knowldege of the series saw the great twist in the story beforehand.

I can see why they called it Spectre because it gets people through the door. Of course once the film has been seen and the secret's out then the drama is dissipated but there's at least initially the possibility of a twist. Even those unfamiliar with SPECTRE will have heard from others roughly what it is and that it was a big part of the old films.

I quite like Nine Eyes; it's a little odd as a title but is very visual. And I do miss the titles of more than one word; maybe the one-word title is because audiences are deemed too lazy to remember anything longer and you don't want people to forget the title of the new film (Quantum of Solace is not an easily memorable title). There's no reason why they couldn't have cobbled together a more than one word title; all they need to do is find some decent keywords ('shadow' seems to be a big keyword in the Craig era, then you have a death-related keyword and to mix it up a bit, maybe add a romantic keyword- though not so it sounds like an erotic thriller) and then link them together. Good titles make a promise (for example, A View To A Kill guarantees that there will be an assassination) whereas weaker titles don't sound like they make a promise of something fun (would you see a film for the promise of 'solace'?).

Money-related titles I think would work quite well for upcoming films; something that promises luxury.


Re: They shouldn't have called it Spectre - SPOILERS

initially story wise it was about "ghosts" from bond's past, and had no relation to the organisation itself


Re: They shouldn't have called it Spectre - SPOILERS

No, it was the right call in order to introduce millennial fans to SPECTRE. Besides, nobody was 100% sure Blofeld would be in it or not. Not even me.


Re: They shouldn't have called it Spectre - SPOILERS

How about The Eye That Never Sleeps for a title. It fits with the Nine Eyes plot and its from Fleming.

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