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Folio society advised that plan is to release Dr No late June



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That will please the Folio Bond novel fans!  ajb007/smile

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007Downunder wrote:

Folio society advised that plan is to release Dr No late June

Many years ago I responded to the Folio society when they sent out a questionnaire/survey asking what books you would like to see published (reprinted anyway) through themselves (or something similar anyway).  My response was I'd like to see all the Bond (Fleming only) novels as a box set.  Limited to say 500 or 1000 sets individually numbered: 1 of 500 (1/500), 2 of 500 (2/500) etc.  These sets obviously wouldn't come cheap but what a collection to have.  I do like the basic covers of the two (I think) Fleming novels they have released so far.

I've bought many books from the Folio society and they are always sent in perfect condition (as you would expect). 

I think if the Folio society are planning on releasing all the Fleming (Bond) novels I think they should have released them in publication order (too late now).  In saying that they may well not have plans on releasing all of them.  Very tempted about getting Dr. No though.

I have every Bond novel by Fleming except TSWLM but my collection is all over the shop.  Pan books from the 70's, the basic white covers from Thomas & Mercer, one vintage 007 (Goldfinger) and Dr. No (Fleming centenary 2008 - Penguin with the white sticker on the front.)  That is the only one I have from that collection but I thought those retro covers were excellent.

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Just placed my order for the Dr No book, can't wait to add this to my other items!!


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One of the reasons I have not bought any is because I dont fancy a incomplete collection  ajb007/frown

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I have also just ordered my copy - this will be the fourth book in the series (Live & Let Die, Casino Royale and From Russia with Love) and I am hoping for further editions to be published in the coming years  ajb007/smile