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I already have a new revamp of just alternate timeline, here we go.

Before we begin, yes Gunbarrels still exist in this timeline, we wouldn't give those up.
Part I- Sean Connery, "Timeline A"

Fleming sells film rights to Harry Saltzman and Robert Broccoli, maintaining the right to overlook some of the films. Sean Connery is approached and is asked to play bond at 26. Connery Agrees. Filming on Moonraker (The Fleming version)

July 25, 1958:
Moonraker (Fleming Version) is released in theaters, and is met with great reception. Connery is signed on to do 4 more films. Hugo Drax is the first SPECTRE agent of the films. Desmond Llewellyn is also signed on as Major Boothroyd.

March 11, 1960:
A similar version of From Russia With Love is released in theaters, the only difference is that SPECTRE's motive is to avenge Hugo Drax instead of Dr No. Other than that, the movie is the same. 

October 20, 1961:
Goldfinger is released in Theaters. Nothing changes except for the release date.

March 15, 1963:
Dr No is released in theaters. However, due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Crab Key is now a Cuban island, and Dr No is still a German-Asian man, BUT he was a former Nazi scientist, angry at Germany's loss in WW2, is now trying to hijack American missiles to destroy Havana. In other terms, he's an independent terrorist.

May 8, 1964:
Thunderball is released. Nothing changes.

December 5, 1965:
You Only Live Twice is released, all filler with Bond's wives is removed, and the film is more about tracking down Blofeld's operation in Japan.

The George Lazenby and Roger Moore era will be posted tommorrow


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I have also forgotten to add that Ian Fleming and Kevin McClory decide to split profits on Thunderball, so no lawsuit occurs. Never Say Never Again is erased once again from this timeline.


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Italus_NT wrote:

I have also forgotten to add that Ian Fleming and Kevin McClory decide to split profits on Thunderball, so no lawsuit occurs. Never Say Never Again is erased once again from this timeline.

Wouldn't it just be easier to say, since this is alternate history, that Kevin McClory decided to open a roadside shop selling flowers or something, and just have Fleming magically come up with all the ideas for Thunderball himself as a novel?


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hopefully since Dr No is now the fourth film in a successful series, they would have the budget to film the giant squid fight.
I wonder if they would do it Ray Harryhausen style (which was the best special effects of the day)? modern day fans would probably not like that, same as I reacted seeing Clash of the Titans after STAR WARS had already come out. (and I think there was a scene in Clash of the Titans similar to the giant squid fight)


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Timeline A, Part II: Lazenby and Moore Era

September 1965:
Harry Saltzman, Ian Fleming, and Albert Broccoli hold casting calls for a new Bond actor. A 19 year old Timothy Dalton auditions, knowing that he would be too young for the role, but hoping to make a wait list.

October 1965:
George Lazenby is decided to be Bond

December 15, 1967:
George Lazenby's first Bond, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is released. Although the movie is the same, Lazenby is now contracted for two more movies.

December 20, 1968:
George Lazenby stars in Diamonds are Forever. The movie is focused on Bond's revenge. Tracy is still the Bond Girl, even though she's dead. The movie shows a very savage side of Bond, who in the climax, breaks Blofeld's arms and legs, mentally tortures him, sets his base on fire, and leaves him to die. The movie narrowly avoids an R rating and the film, even though a success, leaves a neutral response.

September 1969:
Roger Moore, on the Bond wait list, is asked to be James Bond. To this, he agrees, and he is signed on for four films, the first to be released in 1971.

December 5, 1969:
George Lazenby stars against Christopher Lee in the thrilling "Man With The Golden Gun." In this edition, all camp is removed from chase sequences, and Goodnight does not exist. Bond still has not gotten over Tracy's passing. In this edition, Andrea is the one and only bond girl, and she wins her freedom. Nic-Nac still exists, however, he does not follow Bond into the ship as in this edition he was a slave to Scaramanga.

June 25, 1971:
Live and Let Die is released. No changes are made to the movie.

May 24, 1974:
The Spy Who Loved Me comes out in theaters. No changes are made to the movie.

July 9, 1976:
Octopussy is released in Theaters. It's very similar, however, it is more fitting as Russia was still a great fear in '76.

June 24, 1977:
The Property Of A Lady is released in theaters. In this film, Bond must track down the location of a stolen American missile in Vietnam - belonging to the first female Bond villain, Ms. Goodnight, an ex CIA agent, hellbent on destroying A nuclear weapons facility in New Mexico to "avenge" her husband, who was killed horribly during the Vietnam war.

September 1977: Timothy Dalton, now 34, is asked if he's up to play Bond now. He is signed on for five films.


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Timeline A, Part III: Timothy Dalton

1978: Ian Fleming passes away.

December 5, 1980:
"For Your Eyes Only", Timothy Dalton's breakout, is released in theaters, this film takes on a much darker tone than the Moore edition, camp is removed from all sequences.

December 14, 1984:
"A View To A Kill" is released in theaters. Timothy Dalton takes his role seriously, he doesn't look like a grandpa, he isn't lazy and actually does quite a bit of stunts, and critics say he and Christopher Walken make "The best rivals of the 90's. However, critics have no idea what's in store soon.

December 5, 1986:
"The Living Daylights" is released in theaters. No changes are made.

July 14, 1989:
"Licence To Kill" is released in theaters. Because Moonraker did not screw up the budget, The posters and trailers are very high budget. In fact, this is the highest budget Bond film at this point.  The publicity makes this film a success. In this edition, Dario is left to deal with Bond by putting him in the grinder.  However, Bond escapes, and the two have a battle royale, ending in Bond breaking off part of a safety rail, striking Dario in the face, and then picking him up by the ankles and flipping him backfirst into the grinder. We still get the juicy bit of meat bits being ground up underneath. The MPAA has to create the PG-15 rating (Parents strongly Advised for under 15) now because of this movie.

November 30, 1990:
"Nobody Lives Forever" is released.
Professor Joe Butcher, the last non-incarcerated/living insider of Sanchez's operation, now on the brink of poverty, hires a hitman on Bond for revenge. The hitman, American Joseph Johnson, known as "Jinx" tracks down Bond on vacation in Maine. Joseph Johnson is killed once Bond has been kidnapped and disarmed. Johnson is killed on his private beach, where Bond knocks Johnson's girlfriend unconscious with a punch to the trachea, and in a moment of adrenaline, strangles Johnson to death with the bikini top of his girlfriend.


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Timeline A, Part IV: Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan by random selection, is asked if he is interested in being Bond. He Agrees.

November 13, 1995:
Bond 20, Goldeneye, is released. No changes are made

December 19, 1997:
Tomorrow Never Dies is released. No changes are made.

November 19, 1999:
The World is Not Enough is released in theaters. No changes.

May 30, 2003:
Pierce Brosnan stars in the Bond 50th anniversary movie, Casino Royale. Brosnan's style in this film is up for interpretation for now.

2004: The Movies are announced to be in a 4 year hiatus to perfect Brosnan's final film.

October 24, 2008:
Quantum Of Solace is released in theaters, competing against High School Musical and Saw V that weekend. QoS's theme is Forever - I Am Yours. It is the highest rated Bond since Licence To Kill, almost TWENTY years ago.  Pierce Brosnan goes out with a bang instead of a whimper.

(You may be asking, Why was a 55 year old Brosnan playing Bond, when you bashed more for playing it at 58? That's rather simple. Pierce Brosnan at 61 in November Man would have picked up more women than Moore at 58 in A View To A Kill. Sorry chaps, it's just the way things are.)