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All good advice from Higgy baby and the others but here is my slant. Vintage rolex is a mine field and what doesn't come through reputable dealers for thorough inspection goes on ebay or chrono 24. The experts are few and far between and even they have been fooled in the past. The sweeping hand website is top quality and an expert, as is Mike at the old watch shop in southport or even Haywood Milton at Miltons jewellers throughout Liverpool and Chester. Haywood has the best collection of vintage rolex you will ever see in your lifetime and is always the first place I send anyone looking to buy vintage rolex or obtain advice on the same. Comments on rolex service are spot on, if its not original, they don't want to know. There new stance is not to fit any rolex parts to watches in for service unless the parts have just come out of their own drawer, strict is the word with those guys and they prefer to think of the watch as theirs rather than yours. Stay well away from bodged up old Rolex and go with a nice submariner 5513 or 16610 or similar. Enjoy.


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THE name is HIGGINS!!!  ajb007/mad


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sounds like FRIGGINS  ajb007/biggrin  ajb007/tongue  ajb007/shifty


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